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CV: Injection CV: Injection

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hackers soundtrack

personally i would love this song while i'm building some website or playing AA3 / COD MW2

would be great for work if our stupid boss would allow us to play music in our offices...

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StaticStigma responds:

Haha, thanks! And if your boss let you play music while working, that would be an awesome boss. But, yours already doesn't seem awesome... :(


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liked it well, the title fits it well, and honestly do you have these songs on some hosting server so we may get the full version (original)

also what application or method your using to create such good tunes?

Tiësto - Dance4Life(ITD Rmx) Tiësto - Dance4Life(ITD Rmx)

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quote dude

very good remix, you didn't come to sound like the original but you used small parts and re-launched it as a new song nice one mate, maybe you have the actual bulky higher quality file hosted somewhere so i may download?

djInTheDark responds:

Can't think of anything I already have for HD, but I could definitely whip up a re-masterment or something for ya. PM me for the link so I remember next time I check in.

London Bridge (I.T.D. Remix) London Bridge (I.T.D. Remix)

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very energetic...

i have to say dude you got talent, i would like to ask if you dont mind me sampling some of your work to play in some gig's and a community (collage radio in the mediterean sea)

oh and almost forgot the opening scared the crap out of my dog lol and my lil bro XD

djInTheDark responds:

No problem, feel free to use anything. Yeah I gotta say I scared my self when I hit my gain button to listen to it for the first time with the vocal mixing. I was like "Wow thats creepy beyond belief, I use it!"

The rest is history...

[DJ_ITD] - Red Light District [DJ_ITD] - Red Light District

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seamed okay

It seems you done some work with it, i have to say the opening kinda sucked, i just wanna know what application you used to create the song/remix?

currently getting my hands on reason, VDJ

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djInTheDark responds:

I use a program called MadTracker to compose, and no its not a remix. Made from scratch. VirtualDJ is ok, I personally use Live equipment for my sets. I don't discourage getting it though, its worth the money that for sure.